Safety Guidelines

Please also observe federal and state regulations and follow IU Research Restart Guidelines and Chemistry Department Research Restart Guidelines which can be found on the department COVID-19 Resource webpage.

1) Occupancy. Staff and users are permitted maintaining 6 feet distance and limiting time spend with other occupants of the lab. Total number of people in each room is limited as follows:
     C237 – maximum of 3 people
     C234F – maximum of 1 person
     SH037 – maximum of 2 people
NMR staff is partially working from home.

2) Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements. All staff and users are required to wear face masks and clean gloves in the NMR labs. Wearing glasses is also recommended. For the interim, clean gloves can be used on keyboards and mice. Users must supply their own PPEs.

3) Spectrometer Availability. All NMR spectrometers are available for use, but All NMRSUN workstations and the PC in C237 are powered off.

4) Spectrometer Scheduling. All NMR spectrometers in Chemistry building must be scheduled in advance through the MAG-RES scheduling system. There will be no OPEN time for walk-up use. Users should ensure to reserve sufficient time so they can finish their experiments and cleanup in time. Users are allowed to be present in the labs only within their reserved time period. To avoid overlapping of two users on the same spectrometer, a 10 minutes gap is inserted between two consecutive reservations by two users. Two spectrometers in Simon Hall are scheduled through the Google calendar for IU bioNMR user groups managed by Dr. Hongwei Wu.

5) Sample Drop-off. If users need to have some experiments done by NMR staff, contact the NMR staff by email.

6) Data Processing and Review. Users should minimize their time spending in the NMR labs. Do not stay in the labs waiting for long data acquisitions. Users are also encourage to leave the labs as soon as data acquisition is complete and to use MNova software for data processing and review. Users of the Simon Hall NMR lab should run experiments remotely using NoMachine once the samples are put into the magnets.

7) Staff and User Interaction. It is preferably to use email, phone, or Zoom for staff and user interactions. If in-person interaction is indeed needed, appropriate PPE must be worn by both parties, time should be limited, and a distance of at least 6 feet must be observed.

8) User Training. User training is temporarily suspended until further notice. A new procedure of NMR user training during COVID-19 pandemic is being developed and will hopefully be ready shortly.

9) Cleaning. Users must wipe down the keyboards, mice, spinners, sample depth gauges, work surface, and any touched surfaces using a Kimwipe with 70% ethanol prior to and at the end of their sessions. The NMR Facility will provide 70% ethanol and Kimwipes. NMR staff will clean all above with disinfectant at least twice a day.

10) Adherence to Guidelines. Users who violate this guidelines or IU guidelines will lose their privilege to access the NMR facility and their supervisors will be notified.

Should you have any questions please contact NMR staff.

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