2D NMR Training

We will be doing 2D NMR training in the next two weeks:

  • Jan. 25th, Wednesday, 1 – 3pm;
  • Jan. 26th, Thursday, 1:30 – 3:30pm;
  • Jan. 27th, Friday, 10am – noon;
  • Feb. 1st, Wednesday, 1 – 3pm;
  • Feb. 2nd, Thursday, 10am – noon.

These will be single 2 hour sessions. The basic concepts of 2D NMR will be introduced and we’ll go through setup, acquisition, processing and plotting of the common 2D NMR 1H-1H and 1H-13C experiments including COSY, TOCSY, NOESY/ROESY, HMQC/HSQC and HMBC/CIGAR.

We’ll be at a spectrometer so the number of attendees in each session will be limited to 4. If you plan to attend, please sign up on the online sign-up sheet.

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Default Email Address for emaildata and vnmremail

The macro commands emaildata and vnmremail have been modified to use a default email address defined by a VnmrJ parameter email. If you have an indiana.edu email account and prefer to email files to there, you don’t need to change anything (i.e. leave email=”). If you don’t have an indiana.edu account, you would need to set up the email parameter to provide a default email address, e.g. type email=’abc@iu.edu’ in the VnmrJ command line (presuming your IU user ID is abc).

See this previous post for more details about emaildata and vnmremail.

Please also note that a bug in the emaildata and vnmremail macros on I600 which prevented using the default email address has been fixed.

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I400 Back in Service

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I400 Temporarily Out of Service

I400 is currently out of service due to a computer problem.

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Chemistry NMRs Out of Service June 20, 8-9am

All NMR spectrometers in the chemistry building will be out of service Monday, June 20, between 8am to 9am due to lab compressed air shutdown.

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I500 Gradient Driver Back Working

A problem of the pulse gradient driver on I500 has been fixed. All gradient versions of 1D and 2D experiments as well as diffusion experiments are working now.

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Mnova 10.0.2 Available

Mestrenova 10.0.2 and its two plugins qNMR 1.2.1 and RM (Reaction Monitoring) 1.1.0 are now available for download from the ITG web site. We recommend that every user upgrade to the latest version of Mnova and its plugins. Go to the ITG web site and follow the instructions there.

To see what’s new in the new version, go to http://mestrelab.com/software/mnova/whats-new. You may also want to learn about qNMR plugin at http://mestrelab.com/software/ mnova/qnmr and RM plugin at http://mestrelab.com/software/mnova/rm.

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More License Seats for Mnova

We recently purchased a new license with 150 seats for Mestrenova software. This would provide enough license seats for all NMR users at all times. We recommend all users upgrade to the latest version (10.0.2) which will be available for download from the ITG web site soon.

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VXR400 Ready for 19F & 31P

A Nalorac 4-Nucleus probe has been installed on VXR400 for routine operation, replacing the Broadband probe. Like I400, users can now acquire 1H, 13C, 19F, and 31P spectra on the VXR400 without need of probe switch/tuning.

Please note that the old parameters you saved previously with the Broadband probe should NOT be used for the newly installed 4-Neclues probe (i.e. do not open one of your old FID files and click “acquire” or type “ga” to acquire new data). You should go through the standard experiment set-up procedures: click on “Experiments” in the menu bar then select a nucleus or an experiment. This would ensure to load appropriate parameters that were calibrated for the currently installed probe.

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Advanced NMR Training 8/18

We will be doing advanced NMR training on August 18th, Tuesday from 10am-noon. This will be a single 2-hour session focused on 2D NMR experiments (see the previous post) and it’s free of charge. We’ll be at an instrument so please email Frank for reservation. Also let him know if there are other days or times that would work better for you, as well as questions or specific requests.

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