BioNMR Lab

MetaCyt Biomolecular NMR Laboratory

The Agilent (previously Varian) 800MHz VNMRS NMR spectrometer:

  • Pumped and actively shielded 54mm bore, 18.8T superconducting magnet.
  • Four-channel VNMRS console.
  • Agilent 5mm 1H{13C,15N} triple resonance salt tolerant HCN cold probe, and 5mm 1H{13C,15N} triple resonance HCN probe.

The Bruker 600MHz Avance Neo NMR spectrometer:

  • Actively shielded 51mm bore, 14.1T superconducting magnet.
  • Four-channel Avance Neo console.
  • Bruker 5mm 1H/13C/15N triple resonance TCI CryoProbe (1H coil is tunable to 19F) with cooled preamps for 1H, 13C, 15N and 2H, and 5mm 1H/BB (31P-109Ag, 19F) BBFO SmartProbe.

If you wish to use the instruments in the lab, feel free to contact any of our staff members.

Current users:

Recent publications with data collected using above instruments can be found here.
Many tutorial nmr notes, procedures and protocols have been updating.

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