Sign-up Rules

Users who have completed training should have accounts on all spectrometers, workstations and the MAG-RES system (let the NMR staff know if you don’t). Users will need to use their assigned 3-letter NMR username for the MAG-RES system.

1. Users should have a reservation to use the spectrometers any time outside of the OPEN HOUR periods.

2. There are time constraints for I400 and VXR400 during “daytime”. “Daytime” hours are 8am – 7:30pm, Monday – Friday. During “daytime” hours there is a user limit of 90 minutes total per day per spectrometer. There is also a limit of 30 minute blocks per user during this time. During “first come first served” OPEN HOUR periods there is a limit of 15 minutes per user. There is no time constraints for evenings, nights and weekends.

3. For I400 and VXR400, users may sign up for time 2 days in advance. Monday sign up begins on Friday.

4. Currently there is no time constraints for I500 and I600. Users may sign up for time 7 days in advance.

5. Users are responsible for using a time slot when they’ve reserved it. Users should always cancel reservations they will not use. Users forfeit their scheduled time slot if they are more than 5 minutes late and the spectrometer is available for walkup users during that user’s reserved time.

6. Reservations for the same time slots on multiple instruments are not allowed.

7. See a NMR staff member at least one day in advance to schedule special experiments that require long acquisition times and/or setup assistance from the NMR staff.

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