Sign-up Rules

Users who have completed training should have accounts on all spectrometers, workstations and the MAG-RES system (let the NMR staff know if you don’t). Users will need to use their assigned 3-letter NMR username for the MAG-RES system.

1. Users should have a reservation to use the spectrometers any time outside of the OPEN HOUR periods.

2. There are time constraints for the I400 and VXR400 during “daytime”. “Daytime” hours are 8am – 7:30pm, Monday – Friday. During “daytime” hours there is a user limit of 90 minutes total per day per spectrometer. There is also a limit of 30 minute blocks per user during this time. During “first come first served” OPEN HOUR periods there is a limit of 15 minutes per user. There is no time constraints for evenings, nights and weekends.

3. Users may sign up for time 2 days in advance. Monday sign up begins on Friday.

4. Users are responsible for using a time slot when they’ve reserved it. Users should always cancel reservations they will not use. Users forfeit their scheduled time slot if they are more than 5 minutes late and the spectrometer is available for walkup users during that user’s reserved time.

5. Currently there is no time constraints for the I500 and I600. Users may sign up for time 7 days in advance.

6. Reservations for the same time slots on multiple instruments are not allowed.

7. See a NMR staff member at least 1 day in advance to schedule special experiments that require long acquisition times and/or setup assistance from the NMR staff.

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