1L M9 minimal Medium recipe

Na2HPO4 6.8g
KH2PO4 3.0g
NaCl 0.5g
Glucose (or D-glucose, U-13C6, 99%, ~$150/g) 2.0g
NH4Cl (or 15NH4Cl, 99%, ~$30/g) 1.0g
1M MgSO4 1.0ml
2M CaCl2 50ul
0.1M FeCl3 33ul
100X MEM 10ml
Antibiotics  (Amp or Kan) Add just before start cell culture

1. Add water and other components first, finally add CaCl2 gradually with stirring, otherwise, precipitation happens!
2. For 1L M9 medium, just pass through 0.22 um filter, don’t need autoclave.
3. MEM vitamins solution (100x) can be ordered from Fisher Scientific company, catalog#: 11120052, it’s a 100ml yellow color solution. (You can aliquot the 100ml into 10x 10ml and freeze them in -20C after you receive.)

Hongwei updated 12/8/2014
Edited 11/19/2014

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