Collecting and processing other 7 RDCs:

1. For other seven RDCs measurements (see the figure), use ghn_Jnca_2DS3, ghn_Jnco_2DS3, and ghn_Jcoca_2DS3 three sequences, their exp. setups are very similar to gNhsqc_IPAP’s, increase ni if need, as you need the high digital resolution in N15 dimension for measuring those small RDCs.
2. Using Rance-Kay instead of States; zero-filling for both dimensions to 4096×4096.
3. Reverse N15 dimension direction if need.
4. c2 =1.2 for the first two exp., and c2=1.9 for hn_Jcoca_2DS3, you certainly can re-adjust after you get the final data.

Here is one figure for the summary from J. biomol. NMR, 2000,16, p221-227.

8 RDCs

Hongwei edited on 10/19/2015

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