How to run N15 T2 on b600:

  1. Use HSQCT2ETF3GPSI3D sequence,
  2. Set up expt. ready just like normal HSQCETF3GPSI (N15 HSQC),
  3. Find VCLIST line,
  4. Click” E” and open the editor for exam_15NT2 file, (here 1,2,3,…<=14)
  5. Re-edit it with the T2 loop number you choose, and save as with a new name, and make sure to load the new file, then remember the total numbers, for example, 8 numbers, and make NBL (number of blocks) = 8,
  6. Go to ACQUPARS tab, find QF dimension (F1) and put 8 for its TD space,
  7. Make sure that D1>=1.5s, RG, AQ, SW, SW1, O1P, O3P, are right, and ZGOPTNS selects “-DLABEL_CN” if double labeled sample,
  8. zg
  9. When expt. finishes, under current expt. dataset, type “rser2d” command to restore all those 8 2D spectra with new expt. numbers (21, 22, 23…32), those are your individual spectra data for each time points.


T2 delay = d31*loop_number, (d31 — length of single cpmg loop)

d31= (p30*16+d21*32) us


For HSQCT2ETF3GPSI sequence, which is not pseudo 3D:

Only change d20 as the delay time points for each 2D experiment.


Hongwei edited on 8/9/2019

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