How to use popt to manually optimize o1

  1. Open a new expt. and load the zgpr 1D sequence, after lock, atma, and topshim; and do “pulsecal” to get H1 90 pulse length, and next, if “O1_Cal” is not working  properly to find o1 value (and it may be because the solvent peaks are much stronger than the water peak in the case of 100% D2O buffer, and gs is not sensitive enough to optimize for our NEO model,) and next use popt  to manually optimize o1 value,

  2. Use current o1 value to collect a 1D spectrum with ns=4, select and zoom the water peak region (around 4.7ppm), in which you are interested, and type dpl

  3. next type popt, and another window pops up,

  4. Select “step by step”, and type in the arrayed parameter (o1 here), start-value (2818.05 e.g.), end-value (2823.05 e.g.), and increment (1 or 0.5 Hz)…

  5. Start expt. by clicking the bottom button “ Start Optimization”; when expt. finish, don’t do ft, and just goto “spectrum” window and see the arrayed spectra (figure).

  6. Repeat popt again with smaller increment value to get more accurate o1 value.

Hongwei edited 0n 2020-03-16

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