Solvent Selection on B500

Unlike VnmrJ software on Varian spectrometers which contains only deuterated solvents in the solvent list, IconNMR software on the B500 contains both deuterated and non-deuterated solvents in the solvent list. All non-deuteared solvents are marked with “non-deuterated” following the solvent names, therefore are easy to distinguish. Here is a example:

“CD3CN acetonitrile-d3”   —   this is deuterated
“CH3CN acetonitrile, non-deutareated”   —   this is non-deuterated

For a sample in deuterated solvent (almost all of the samples for NMR measurement use deuterated solvents) , you must select a matched deuterated solvent (CD3CN in this example). Selecting a non-deuterated solvent (CH3CN in this example) would result in failures of locking and/or shimming and consequently failure of the experiment. Do not make this mistake.

Update 2022/9/21: All non-deuterated solvents were removed from the solvent list to avoid possible confusion.

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